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Gio Pellegrini

Handymaen Near Me Orange County

Thank You for checking in, I appreciate it!

Rest assured, I don't follow basic industry standards, I exceed them by far. If Orange County homeowners only knew what goes on behind the scenes in the residential handyman industry they would be disheartened to put it mildly.

I am constantly amazed at what kind of individuals in this field actually get away with calling themselves "Experts". That said, competent "Expert Handymen" do exist and they would also share my opinion.

I started this business in 2015, that totals hundreds of quality jobs and satisfied customers. During that time, I've also enjoyed living in our beautiful Orange County.

As an Orange County business owner my greatest challenge by far, has always been trying to find skilled employees and construction tradesmen. That is why I've remained a small business with only a helper or two on occasion.

It's a mistake to assume that all Orange County handymen follow the same or similar techniques. The reality is that they are pretty much on their own, and faced with a lot of variables that few pay attention to.

If you hire me, I will prove that you made the right decision throughout the job and not just during a sales pitch.


• Painting • Dry Wall & Stucco Repair • Dry Rot Wood Repair • Termite Repair • Roof Repair • Patio Cover Repair • Door Repair • Concrete Repair • Gutter Cleaning • Shelf Install • New Faucet Install • New Toylet Install • Landscape Lighting • Sprinklers • Crown Molding • Base Molding • Window Trim Molding • Computer Repair • Counter Top Sealing • Tub & Shower Caulking • Furniture Assembly • TV Mounting & Setup • Pressure Washing • Car Washing • Window Cleaning • Trash Hauling • Tree Pruning. AND MORE!


Company Location is Orange County CA